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research picture
Costume sketch
Design a Person by Carol Jeong
lighting the model
storyboarding with light and sound
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This Lingering Life - Group 3
Design a Scene - This Lingering Life

projects include: 
1.  Design a Person - from a photo design a room, a set of clothes and 5 minute of light and sound for that person's life.
2.  Design a Line - "You make beauty and it disappears. I love that."  Students craft a visual narrative using this line.  They create the world as well as the story with no language.  

3.  Design a Scene - from stage directions and one scene from Chiori Miyagawa's This Lingering Life, design a  set, costumes, light and sound.  This scene is a conversation about time war,  death, and the cycles of life between a 12th Century Japanese Warrior and a contemporary man.
4.  Design a Play - Toymaker's War by Jennifer Fawcett.  A Journalist recalls her experience during the genocide in Croatia, of children experiencing both the magic
of their imaginations but also the reality of war.


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